Amy Charlton

Why Choose Amy?

  • Personlized Care
  • Multidisciplinary Approach
  • Combines Massage with Meditation
  • Educates on Mind and Body
  • Cant' Wait to Meet You!

Amy CharltonAbout Amy

Amy’s background didn’t start with massage or yoga. But it did start with people. A seasoned veteran of the human service field, Amy has helped many hurting folks when she was a community case worker and recreation therapist for 15 years. Amy has worked as a Massage Therapist at BJC STAR, various music venues massaging the rock stars, and The Sisters of Notre Dame.

Having worked with people throughout the years, she’s found a love and passion for helping those in pain. That passion has evolved into compassion. As we know, pain isn’t only a physical sensation. It’s very emotional. And often times, emotional distress can manifest itself into that physical pain we all know and detest.

So she found that there’s no better way to help those in pain than by providing help to them at their inner core — the mind and body. They are one, and should be treated as such. She continuously devotes herself to providing a relaxing and friendly environment to those in the St. Louis area where they can “unwind”, relax…and start healing.

If you’d like to get started on all of those, or if you just want to know Amy better, then reach out TODAY and she’ll be delighted to meet you…and meet your needs.

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