Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Lymphatic DrainageLymphatic Drainage Massage

This type of massage therapy is unique, and unlike any other type. A massage for lymphatic drainage is designed to reduce traumatic and post-surgical swelling or edema. It can provide symptomatic relief of migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and stress. This induces general relaxation and detoxification.

Lymphatic fluid moves throughout your body and sometimes — due to stressors put on the system, lack of regular movement , or infection – it’s necessary for someone to assist in the movement of this fluid.  Amy is trained in the Vodder Technique, which is a highly effective hands-on approach to this therapy.

But what is this whole “lymphatic system” thing?

The Lymphatic System

This is a system in your body that strategically provides an “extra check” to keep you free of infection and disease. It’s an organized function of your body, set up as a series of checkpoints to take care of small infections and also alert the immune system.

There are 3 main parts:

The Lymphatic SystemAll 3 of these parts work together and make up the entire function of this system. And these functions are extremely crucial to keep your body healthy and free from diseases that can cause great harm in the immediate and long-term. Some of these important activities include:

  • Supporting the cardiovascular system
  • Collecting, filtering, and returning fluid back to the bloodstream
  • Providing a major role in helping your body fight off the infection before it takes over

Sometimes the system isn’t always perfect, and having assistance with the drainage is needed. A massage designed for drainage would simply provide additional support in completing your lymphatic system’s function.

Of course, if you are experiencing any symptoms you feel may be related to the failing of this system, it’s always best to bring it to the attention of your primary care physician.

What Can I Expect with Lymphatic Drainage?

One notable difference with this type of massage the rhythmic and light pressure on the strokes. Of course, the first step of any massage is to get you into a relaxed state. In this case, rhythm of the strokes is an important piece. Removing mental and physical stress is going to position your body to do the fighting and healing that it’s designed to do.

Amy will always begin at the base of your neck and stomach to open your main lymph collectors in assisting your lymphatic fluid to move out of your body. She will then work to move toward your lymph nodes. As you see from the diagram above, they are located all over your body.

Some individuals may feel perfectly fine after lymphatic drainage, and some may not feel so great, depending on how much movement needed to happen throughout the body. But the “not feeling great” is only temporary, and you’ll be feeling even better once everything has been moved of your system. It’s always important to drink a lot of water afterward, as this will help your body expel fluids.

If you’ve been feeling like your mind and body could reach a better level of wellness by undergoing lymphatic drainage therapy, reach out TODAY and contact Amy to see if lymphatic drainage is right for you.

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